About Us

Originally founded in 2010, the Loyal Dog Company re-branded itself in 2013 to appeal to a larger market. No longer simply servicing the New York area, our company has been fortunate enough to expand to providing services not only around the United States, but in several countries around the world.

At one time, our company only serviced web design clients. We have grown to offer not only premium web design, but competitive search engine optimization, as well as consulting servicesĀ forĀ social media management, online reputation management, and internet marketing.

Our team is comprised of individuals who have their own investments in the internet marketing world. This allows us to bring the newest cutting edge industry techniques to small businesses that would normally not have access to these strategies and technology.

Any time we need some extra help, we look towards people in our community. All of our writing work is done by United States college students and helps them work flexibly while they get their education.

To the members of the Loyal Dog Company, the most important part of our business is the value we add to the customer. We will never simply go through the motions to finish your project – we want it to bring your business forward and help you to succeed. We stand behind our work and believe that is what sets us apart.